Why Another Blog on Information Management?

Information Management is based on a set of principles:

1. A single source of information = which leads to collaboration in its creation and a multi-channeled distribution model in its dissemination

2. Re-use of information = which leads to business intelligence dashboards and work efficiencies

3. Access is based on user rights = which leads to trust in the integrity of information

4. Retention of historically relevant information = ensures continuity of the relevant information resources; and

5. Retrieval of information is intuitive and relevant – we create this stuff for a reason!

What’s so fascinating about this field is that in order to implement these principles, a cross-section of experts from the fields of:  library sciences, records management, user centered design, strategic planning, governance, application development, process analysis, information and enterprise architecture, information security, communications, social media, organizational change, business intelligence, data management and community management needs to be tapped.

This network of expertise for me is why information management is so interesting and innovative and why there is room for another blog on this topic.

Moving forward, I would like this blog to become an exchange for ideas and knowledge on how to implement these information management principles, so please send me your suggestions for topics and I’ll do my research and provide a summary of those findings for our discussions.



I am a strategic information management specialist that brings together knowledge from diversified fields to deliver value driven solutions to meet client's business objectives.
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