Enterprise 2.0 Conference – Boston 2011: Resource Materials

I have a confession to make – I was not at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston last month -I monitored it from my desktop.  And while I wish I had been there, and am building it into my conference budget for next year, I was still able to ‘participate’ in the event remotely because of:

1) Advances in technology that made it possible to broadcast in real-time over the internet;

2) A conference organizers’ mindset that provided access to the broadcast for free;

3) the generosity of many of the presenters to make their presentations available on-line for free after the conference; and

4) the wonderful people who used Twitter or who blogged the nuggets of wisdom and learning they took away from the event.

These are the four elements of the 2.0 universe that opens peoples minds to how things could be in their own enterprise.

And how did I come across all this wonderful material?  Through Twitter and the people I follow.  By following the hashtag #e2conf I was able to find the link to the on-line broadcast, and access the presentations and blog posts.  As a way of passing on the value, please find below a short list of good resources related to the conference.

Information Week: The Brainyard – Basically the Enterprise2.0 Conference portal containing many of the conferences speaker videos, presentations, etc.

Cisco interviews and presentations

Technorati’s summary

Sameer Patel’s take on the conference

Cecil Dijoux’s good summary of the conference

Bill Ive’s notes from the conference.  Bill wrote in near real time and was also the resource that pointed me to the Jim Worth’s contribution.

Jim Worth‘s wiki compilation of the conference materials available on the web… from Twitter streams to blog posts.  A great compilation





I am a strategic information management specialist that brings together knowledge from diversified fields to deliver value driven solutions to meet client's business objectives.
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