– Weaving a Tapestry of Ideas and People

On November 22, 2011 at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, there is going to be a very interesting conference taking place called PS Engage 2011.  As it says on the homepage

PS Engage is about weaving together a more connected public service by providing a forum where engaged government employees can share, learn and connect with each other.

I’m not a public servant, but I work with a lot of them and I have to say the ones I work with are very dedicated people trying to do their job and deliver value under some difficult circumstances.  But that’s not what interested me… it was the line-up of speakers  that caught my attention. These are people that are innovative, bright and have a positive, but realistic outlook on how to manage during changing times.  And change is what I do and what I bring to an organization, so how could I pass this up?  I couldn’t – so I volunteered.

My contribution to the conference is to interview and write a blog post on the speakers.  The first blog entry is posted at PS Leader  and through Thom Kearney’s blog NuSum and is a summary of the interview questions that Andy Jankowski, the Global Director for Intranet Benchmarking Forum, was kind enough to answer.  Andy will be speaking about the shift from traditional intranet and portal environments to digital workplaces, so our questions revolved around the differences between private and public sector organizations and innovation.  But interestingly enough, some of his greatest insight into the personal challenges of piloting through change comes from his past time of competitive cycling.  The parallels he draws between racing as a member of a cycling team and managing through change makes for interesting reading.

We will be posting more PS Engage 2011 Speaker interviews as they occur, so please check back to the PS Leader  and NuSum blogs regularly.

I”ll leave you with a parting thought from Andy: “Time is a man made concept.  If you are creative, there is always time.”



I am a strategic information management specialist that brings together knowledge from diversified fields to deliver value driven solutions to meet client's business objectives.
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